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About BIE

BIE is a simple, independent and free voluntary service platform for non-native Chinese speakers who want to know Chinese internet resources, and has no affiliation with Baidu Inc. It is very simple to use- just enter your search terms and click the button, and you will get the English SERP results from Baidu Chinese resources.

In addition, we also added a lot of English introductions of Baidu related resources and some basic knowledge about China. And of course, a Chinese-English two-way translator which surpasses most famous translators in translation accuracy and readability.

Since its establishment in 2011, BIE has proudly provided free services to more than one million users. At present, the number of users is gradually increasing, and you are welcome to share this website with your friends.


If you have any question, or if you also want to sponsor us, please send email to hi(@), thanks.