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Baidu Maps (Baidu Ditu 百度地图)

Baidu Maps is one of the most widely used digital maps in China, also known as Baidu Ditu in Pinyin, and 百度地图 in Chinese Characters. Relying on the advanced baidu artificial intelligence and powerful database, you can not only use it to accurately locate very remote locations, but also keep on the real-time traffic situations. You can choose your preferrals among traditional map interface and real street view navigation. In addition, it provides a variety of recommended travel modes, including public transport like train and bus, self-driving, walking, bicycle, and so on.

However, Baidu Map's interface doesn't offer a version in English. Below I will introduce how to use the map step by step. If you want to learn provinces and cities in China overally, please visit Map of China first.

In below content, you will learn:

1. How to use desktop version of Baidu Maps

2. How to use Baidu Maps APP with your smart device


How to locate a place on the desktop version of Baidu Maps.

1. Open Baidu Map's home page, you will find below interface. Search Baidu Map with the search bar on the top of this page (I mean right THIS page of that you're browsing) will lead you to a translated English version of it.

2. Input the name of the place into the search bar, for example, a city name. Here we input 'Shanghai', name of one of the larggest cities in China.

3. You will see a drop-down list here, normally the first one is the main city name. That means, if you want to find a city, just click the first name.

4. Now you get the whole image of 'Shanghai' city in front of you. Go to the upper-right conner to find 'Toolkit'; And then 'locate'.

5. Click 'locate' and the letter 'T', click it, a text frame will pop up nearby the place you just located. Remark this place with what you want. If you are a register Baidu number, you can share this location with other people.

6. You can also use the 'Ranging' in Toolkit and find the general distance between this place and another.



How to Use Baidu Maps APP?

To use the Baidu Maps APP, you will have to register your cell phone number in it.

1. Download the APP here, it is from Baidu official resource; or you can find it in the APP store you have on your smart device.

2. Register an account. Enter your mobile phone number here and then the verification code you have received.

3. The system may capture your face on the first login, which you can choose to turn off.

4. Before using Baidu Map, you need to know what these Chinese words mean in English:

地点: Place
路线: Route
到这去: Go to this place
搜索: Search
公里: KM
重命名: Rename
收藏夹: Favorites
确定: Confirm


1. Location

1. After logging in successfully, you will find this interface. Input the name of the location into th upper area. You can choose your travel mode freely on it.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your mobile phone's location function is turned on and VPN is turned off.


2. When you need to find a place, make sure you know the Chinese Pinyin of it. For example, you are going to JUSCO, whose name is 佳世客, and in Pinyin it is JiaShiKe. (Chinese Pinyin is not case sensitive).

3. Click to save it as your favorite place.

4. Click on your profile picture, find '收藏' and then '地点' from it.

5. Find your favorite address in '地点', which means 'Locations', and long-press the saved name for 2 seconds to find '重命名', which means 'Rename', then rename the location in English or other language.

6. Now you can find all locations you have saved and renamed. Cool, right? Next time you use Baidu Maps, just click on the names.


2. Surroundings

Baidu Maps can help you find nearby service items, convenient for your daily life. Below is the icon translation of the surroundings on the profile interface of Baidu Map.