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Baidu Tieba (Baidutieba, Tie Ba, 百度贴吧)

Baidu Tieba, also written as Baidutieba and Tieba, and 百度贴吧 in Chinese characters. It is the larggest Chinese online community in this world, and also a community of young people. Baidu Tieba is an interests based community forum. Literally, Tieba means "let's post articles" and you can find any topic you are interested in the community. From the business point of view, because it is a centralized interest network community, it is very conducive to some enterprises to carry out targeted business promotion. If you don't know Chinese, you can search Baidutieba in above search Bar, it will direct you to an English version of it; Or, you can visit it and translate the Chinese to English then.

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Below we'll explian step by step how to use Baidu Tieba in 4 aspects:

1. How to start your Baidutieba career with a Baidu Account

2. How to find the target Tieba

3. How to create a post on Tieba

4. How to become a Tieba Host (Bazhu)

1. How to start your Baidutieba career with an Baidu Account?

First of all, if you already have a Baidu account, it is easy to register on Tieba, because with baidu Passport can be used for all apps of Baidu, including Tieba, Baidu Music, Baiduwangpan, Baidu Map, and many other features on Baidu.

If you don't hold a Baidu account, please learn how to use your Chinese mobile# to register an account first. (If you are out of China and do not have a China mainland mobile phone number, please download a DuSpeaker APP and register with the cellphone number of your own country.)

Baidu Tieba


2. How to find the Target Tie ba you want?

There are two ways to enter Baidutieba.
1. Use the search bar at the top of Baidu. You can enter keywords in the search bar and find the target Tieba you want to enter.
2. Find the topic you are interested in from categories at left side..



3. How to create a post on tieba?

From a usage point of view, posting on Tieba is very simple, but if you post for purely marketing purposes, it may get deleted. In addition, you can't post with serious bias or preference, which can easily cause resentment and lead to deletions, and then your account may get banned. So maintaining friendly communication under any circumstances is one of the most important prerequisites for having your account safe and communicating effectively.


Baidu tieba system uses two indicators to measure the quality of users, one is experience points, the other is account level. The latter increases with the accumulation of experience points. If you want to improve your experience, you need to actively interact with the other users and keep staying online. The higher your level ranks, the higher your authority will be, and the more you can do on this platform. Below picture is a sample of Experience Points, Level and Title comparison table, different Tie Ba use different format.

Tie ba


4. How to become a Tieba Host (Bazhu)?

The offcial ones who have the power to delete others' strength post or ban an account called Tieba Administrator, but there is another kind of account who has the same power called Bazhu, which means Tieba Host. It's not easy to become a Tieba Host, you have to have a long term reputation and a lot of good content that you've Shared before you get permitted by Baidutieba official. But that doesn't mean there is no chance- The quickest way to become an Bazhu is to create a niche topic yourself and become the moderator of that group, for example, a niche group of Your Own Brand. After the group created, you can apply for a title of Bazhu of that dedicated Tieba. In your own Tieba community, you still need to be active and keep staying online, publish fresh and original content, have a good relationship with the members of the community; and most importantly, abide by the community's policies.

Baidutieba Bazhu

The above is all about baidu Tieba, just join and enjoy it. Should you have any question about Baidutieba, we will be very glad to exchange our insights.